You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. -Robin Williams

About Me

Coffee lover. Writing code since 2001. Writing good code since 2010. Got a cool project? Let me know!

What I do

Server administration, project management, computer security, artificial intelligence, and general software development.

Preferred Tech

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, C, Java, TensorFlow.

My Portfolio/Links


Professional Experience

B.S. in Computer Science Wilkes University
CompSci intern at Etruscan Press (>3 yrs)
Jr. Software Developer at SciSwift LLC (>1 yr)
AI Researcher at Wilkes University (>3 yrs)
Systems Administrator at AWP (>1 yr)
Systems Administrator at IJ (>1 yr)

Technical Passions

Automating social medai clusters, image generation using DCGAN technology, teaching AI models to play/cheat in card games, cellular automaton simulations.

Nontechnical Hobbies

When not slamming my head against my computer screen I spend my time writing music, learning to paint, and working on my manuscript.

BlackJack AI Framework

My favorite personal project is a framework based on TensorFlow to teach a neural network to play/cheat at BlackJack. The framework is robust enough to allow experienced developers to create datasets and train their own custom models, yet simple enough to act as a gentle introduction to AI/ML for beginners.

Contact Me

Have a question, a cool project, pictures of your cat?! Drop me a line!

Find Me

Lewisburg, PA.

Phone: [redacted]